Vellum Studio Design
Nicholas Buccafurni - Founder of Vellum Studio Design

Meet Bucca.

Nicholas Buccafurni - Founder of Vellum Studio Design

Hello, I'm Bucca, a nickname derived from my last name, Buccafurni. I have lived in Central Oregon for over a decade and possess a background in construction, engineering, and architecture. I've spent the past decade designing custom homes across the Pacific Northwest. This journey has fueled my inspiration to establish my own firm, Vellum Design Studio.

With a focus on designing some of the finest custom homes, I am dedicated to ensuring that the design process is not only seamless but enjoyable. Each project I undertake is a "passion project," and I cherish the relationships formed with my clients, considering them an extension of my friends and family, as we navigate the project together.

Genuine passion drives my work ethic, and I am deeply invested in what I do. If you're considering a project in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Montana, I would be delighted to discuss it further. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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A LEED Accredited Professional

A LEED Accredited Professional credential signifies an advanced depth of knowledge in green building practices. The LEED professional credentials were developed to encourage green building professionals to maintain and advance their knowledge and expertise. All LEED professional credentials require adherence to the LEED Professional Disciplinary and Exam Appeals Policy and require ongoing credential maintenance requirements either through continuing education and practical experience or through biennial retesting.