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Nicholas Buccafurni - Founder of Vellum Studio Design

Meet Bucca.

Nicholas Buccafurni - Founder of Vellum Studio Design

Hello, I'm Bucca, a nickname derived from my last name, Buccafurni. I have lived in Central Oregon for over a decade and possess a background in construction, engineering, and architecture. I've spent the past decade designing custom homes across the Pacific Northwest. This journey has fueled my inspiration to establish my own residential design firm, Vellum Design Studio.

With a focus on designing some of the finest custom homes, I am dedicated to ensuring that the design process is not only seamless but enjoyable. Each project I undertake is a "passion project," and I cherish the relationships formed with my clients, considering them an extension of my friends and family, as we navigate the project together. Genuine passion drives my work ethic, and I am deeply invested in what I do.

COBAcredential cert homes

A LEED Accredited Professional

A LEED Accredited Professional credential signifies an advanced depth of knowledge in green building practices. The LEED professional credentials were developed to encourage green building professionals to maintain and advance their knowledge and expertise. All LEED professional credentials require adherence to the LEED Professional Disciplinary and Exam Appeals Policy and require ongoing credential maintenance requirements either through continuing education and practical experience or through biennial retesting.


Find quick answers to common queries about our services and policies.

Why should I consider Vellum Design Studio?

As the founder, I believe that Vellum Design Studio can cater to a diverse range of projects in a personal manner that is professionally executed. I bring over 10+ years’ experience in residential architecture, and 10+ years of construction experience before that. This invaluable background in architecture and construction generates a unique perspective that is not typical with other design firms. It ensures complex projects are executed professionally, bid accurately, and scheduled realistically. I take pride in producing some of the most detailed construction drawings and finest conceptual 3d renderings, which in turn creates a better end product. I am wholeheartedly committed to designing the finest custom homes, and my passion for residential architecture, and background in construction are cornerstones to Vellum Design Studio.

What are your accolades?

Vellum Design Studio was proudly voted Central Oregon’s 2023 Home Designer of the Year.

 Where have your projects been featured?

- Western Home Journal
- Bend Home + Design
- Build Magazine
- Houzz

What is the process for designing a custom home with Vellum Design Studio?

My process for designing a custom home begins with thorough planning, oftentimes coupled with a site consultation. Using the age-old technique of drafting on vellum, a floor plan is established to blend seamlessly with the site and its natural surroundings. Once said floorplan is client approved, I will generate conceptual 3d renderings and 2d elevations. If there is an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) that oversees your community, my design services include approaching the ARC and gaining approval for the design prior to submitting for permits. I will create framing plans and details catered to the intricacies of your General Contractor. I work with local Structural Engineers to ensure your house meets all local and state codes. I prioritize continuous client feedback to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your vision and preferences.

What are your clients saying?

Please click on “Reviews” tab to see what previous clients have said, or view Vellum Design Studio’s Houzz page and associated ratings. Making clients a priority is paramount to the success of this firm, and company ethics such as integrity, transparency, commitment to excellence are foundational to this firm.

Do you offer sustainable design practices?

Yes. I am a LEED Accredited Professional. This credential signifies an advanced depth of knowledge in green building practices. The LEED professional credentials were developed to encourage green building professionals to maintain and advance their knowledge and expertise. Even if your home is not “LEED” rated, there are several sustainable best practices that can be included within the overall design to ensure your house is efficient and that your impact on the land is minimized.

Are you willing to travel outside of Oregon?

Yes, my design services extend beyond Oregon to Washington, Idaho, and Montana, catering to clients across the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest just happens to be where I design the majority of my work. If there is a project outside of this area, please reach out as I am always open to exploring projects that are “the right fit” regardless of their location.

How much time does it take to build a custom home?

The time it takes to build a custom home varies depending on factors such as size, complexity, and location. For every project I design, I work tangentially with a General Contractor of your choice (or several I can recommend) and that tends to set realistic expectations on project timeline. A high-quality General Contractor will have well established subcontractor relationships which will aid in setting and keeping the project timeline.

Are there any specific architectural styles or themes you specialize in?

While I specialize in creating some of the finest homes across the Pacific Northwest, my studio is adept at creating custom homes in a variety of architectural styles, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client.

What is the typical budget range for building a custom home with Vellum Design Studio?

The budget range for a custom home project varies depending on factors such as size, complexity, location, and client preferences. Fees are typically based on a “per square foot” methodology and are clearly established up front. Site consultations and proposals come at no cost to you, so please reach out directly to see if my firm could cater your project.

Can you help with obtaining permits and navigating local building regulations in my area?

Certainly. I can help guide your project from start to finish, assisting your general contractor in receiving permits and navigating regulations to ensure a smooth process.

Do you provide 3D renderings or virtual tours to help clients visualize their custom home before construction begins?

Yes, I provide realistic 3D conceptual renderings at no extra cost, to ensure that every detail of the design matches clients’ expectations and desires. This is a base service with every project, not an added cost

Can you accommodate specific design preferences or architectural styles requested by clients?

Absolutely, I prioritize accommodating design and style preferences requested by my clients to ensure their custom home reflects their unique vision and lifestyle. Some of the sophisticated design elements you can expect with my studio include floating glass walkways, custom timber truss design, large roof cantilevers, steel detailing and other unique engineering feats.

Where are some local communities or resorts within Central Oregon you design?

Popular local communities include Caldera Springs, Juniper Preserve (formerly Pronghorn Resort), Brasada Ranch, The Tree Farm, Tetherow, Sunriver, Broken Top, North Rim, The Highlands, Discovery West, Shevlin West, Awbrey Butte, Black Butte Ranch, Skyline Ranch, West Gate, Tanager and soon to be Thornburgh Resort!

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