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Explore the Comprehensive Custom Home Design Services
of Vellum Design Studio

I offer custom home services tailored to guide you through every step of your custom home journey.
From initial planning to 3D renderings, I'm dedicated to bringing your dream home to life.
You can find my projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Setting the Foundation


My planning services go beyond the basics. From site consultations to navigating the permitting process, Vellum Design Studio ensures your custom home is set up for success from day one. I understand the importance of a well-laid foundation, both in terms of project management and the physical structure of your future home.

Services Included:

  • Site Consultations
  • Comprehensive Schedules
  • Permit Assistance
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Tailoring Homes to Your Unique Lifestyle


No two homes should be alike, and at Vellum Design Studio, I believe in the uniqueness of each project. My designing process involves thoroughly analyzing your wishes, building location, and adherence to local codes. Whether your dream home is in Oregon or the expansive terrains of Montana, our designs are tailored to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Services Included:

  • Client Wish Analysis
  • Building Location Assessment
  • Tailored Design Creation
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Precision in Every Detail


High-quality construction drawings are the backbone of a successful project. My drafting services ensure accurate bidding and smooth construction. Detail is paramount, allowing General Contractors to bid your project with precision, keeping your budget in mind.

Services Included:

  • Production of Construction Drawings
  • Detailed Drafting for Accurate Bidding
a person is drawing on a piece of paper
Visualizing Your Dream Home

3D Renderings

See your dream home come to life before construction begins. Vellum Design Studio goes beyond industry standards by providing comprehensive, colored 3D renderings as a standard, not an additional cost. My 3D renderings allow you to visualize your home's exterior in detail, making sure that the final result aligns with your vision.

Services Included:

  • Conceptual 3D Colored Exterior Models
  • Comprehensive 3D Renderings
a rendering of a modern house with a large driveway
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a room with wood walls and a ceilinga window being installed in a room with a wall of windows
Custom Home Design

From Concept to Reality

Vellum Design Studio is not just a design firm; I'm your dedicated partner in every aspect of home design. From site consultations to the permitting process, I ensure that every detail is addressed. Partnering and working alongside the highest quality Contractors, Engineers and Interior Design Firms to bring the finest homes to reality is Vellum Design Studio’s standard.

a window being installed in a room with a wall of windows

Transparent and Tailored to Your Project

My pricing is calculated per square foot, considering the house size, lot location, and complexity. Consultations are complimentary, and specific quotes are available upon request. I encourage you to reach out and discuss your project, allowing me to provide you with a detailed understanding of the investment required to bring your dream home to life.

a room with wood walls and a ceiling

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